Navigating the Shift: Google Business Profiles Website Deactivation and Its Impact on Businesses

Jessica Ridge

Digital Marketer

Jessica Ridge is a dynamic digital marketing specialist known for her flair in crafting winning campaigns. Driven by data, creativity, and a passion for delivering tangible results, she helps businesses thrive and succeed in the competitive online landscape. With over a decade of experience, Jessica's expertise and strategic approach make her a valuable asset in boosting online presence and driving growth.

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google business profile website shutdown

The digital marketing landscape is set to change significantly with Google’s announcement that websites created using Google Business Profiles will be deactivated in March 2024. This decision necessitates a strategic pivot for businesses that have relied heavily on these platforms. At timberRidge Solutions, we are prepared to guide businesses through this transition, ensuring they not only adapt but also thrive in this new environment.

Understanding the Google Business Profile Change

In March 2024, Google will deactivate websites made with Google Business Profiles. This means that these basic websites, powered by the information on the Business Profile, will no longer be accessible.

Visitors will be redirected to the Business Profile itself until June 10, 2024. This shift underscores the importance of having a robust and independent online presence beyond the Google ecosystem.

Impact on Businesses Relying on Google Business Sites

This deactivation poses a significant challenge for businesses dependent on Google Business Sites for their online presence. These businesses must now consider developing a standalone website, as their current platform will soon be obsolete.

However, this transition is more than just shifting platforms; it’s a golden opportunity to rethink and enhance your digital strategy. If your new website isn’t generating leads as expected, there’s no need for concern.

The Necessity of a Dedicated Website

With Google Business Sites being phased out, having a dedicated website becomes more crucial than ever.

A professional website offers far greater control, customization, and branding opportunities compared to the limited capabilities of a Google Business Site. It’s a critical tool for businesses to stand out in a competitive online marketplace and to provide a comprehensive and engaging user experience.

Leveraging the Change for Digital Growth

This upcoming change should be viewed not as a setback but as an opportunity for growth. Transitioning to a dedicated website allows businesses to implement more advanced SEO strategies, engage in effective content marketing, and provide a richer user experience. It’s a chance to realign their online presence with their broader business goals and explore new digital marketing avenues.

Strategies for a Smooth Transition

  1. Website Development: Businesses must invest in developing a professional website that reflects their brand and meets their customers’ needs.
  2. SEO and Content Marketing: With a new website, businesses can adopt more sophisticated SEO strategies and content marketing plans to enhance their online visibility.
  3. Social Media Integration: Integrating their online presence with social media platforms can help businesses reach a wider audience and engage with customers more effectively.


The deactivation of websites made with Google Business Profiles is a wake-up call for businesses to reassess and revamp their digital strategies. It’s an opportunity to build a more dynamic and effective online presence. At timberRidge Solutions, we are equipped to guide businesses through this transition, ensuring they adapt to these changes and leverage them to achieve greater success online.

Ready to Embrace the Future of Digital Marketing?

The deactivation of Google Business Profile websites marks a crucial turning point for your online strategy. Don’t let this change be a setback for your business. At timberRidge Solutions, we’re here to ensure you adapt and excel in this evolving digital landscape.

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